The Defense

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Our Newest product The Defense! Jam Packed with shikimic acid each capsule contains 340 mg of star anise and pine needle concentrated extracts! Pine needle acts as a spike protein inhibitor while star anise acts as a spike protein neutralizer (Per World Council For Health)

  • 30 Day Supply
  • Naturally high in vitamin C

43 in stock (can be backordered)

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3 reviews for The Defense

  1. Randi Van Housen

    I had a scratchy soar throat on the left side for 2 days. I was already taking original essence, salt of the earth and ketsah. I took my first dose of defensive and within 2 hours my soar throat was gone. I felt fine since. I am totally impressed and thrilled.

  2. Laura (verified owner)

    This worked extremely well when my husband and I had Covid or Covid like symptoms – fever, shaking chills, headache, etc. It knocked the symptoms out fast. Now we don’t go without it when we go out.

  3. Jose Gallardo (verified owner)

    This supplement helped me get over my sore throat, I temporarily increased my dose a little when I got sick because I noticed that it helped reduce my symptoms, it is worth getting.

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