Spike the Spike Protein Bundle

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Update: As of Sept 22, 2022, The ‘Spike the Spike Bundle’ has replaced the Source Armour product with the new colloidal silver product called ‘The Offering’. Enjoy!

  • Ketsah: Also known as black cumin seed oil, is listed as a natural alternative to ivermectin per FLCCC.
  • Offering: A custom colloidal silver liquid that is an indispensable part of a healthy supplemental routine.
  • Defensive: Our custom blend contains both pine needle and star anise concentrated extract. As per the World Council For Health, Pine Needle is a spike protein inhibitor and star anise is a spike protein neutralizer.

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1 review for Spike the Spike Protein Bundle

  1. Jose Gallardo (verified owner)

    I really love taking these supplements, they make me feel better overall, I feel like all these suppliments are helping my immune system, I’ve always been predisposed to catching severe colds and illnesses so protecting my health is important to me because I’ve definitely at times felt like I was about to die from something that I’ve caught, thankfully at least until now I’ve been a survivor but my point is catching stuff is a big deal, and health matters and mainstream medicine is ineffective, trust me I had a bad sinus infection and I had to go to Mexico because nothing the doctors prescribed to me was working if you want real health solutions you can’t stay with the box big pharma made for us, you have to think outside the box and get into holistic medicine and solutions because that’s what truly works and what does not give you nasty side effects and are for the most part affordable compared to the alternative which if not covered by insurance will definitely cost you a lot more.

    Health matters, even after I overcame many colds, it definitely throws me off balance and it gives me long-term symptoms and feelings of weakness, not getting sick is one of my top goals, and I know vaccines don’t work and neither do over-the-counter and prescribed mainstream big pharma backed medicine but holistic preventative supplements and even when I rarely do get sick the supplements help me have a speedy recovery as do other anti-bacterial and nutritional natural supplements.
    I highly recommend this bundle.

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