The Low-Down On Selenium

What is Selenium?

Selenium is the 34th element on the periodic table and is known as a metalloid. This is an “intellectual way” of saying that Selenium could display properties of both metal and non metal elements. Selenium is an essential trace element and you have around 1 million Selenium atoms in each one of your cells!

Formation Of Selenium

The element is formed inside of the core Red Super Giant Star.  These dying stars are enormous having up to 200 times the mass of our sun. These stars burn up all their hydrogen very fast making them switch over to helium, then carbon, fusing heavier and heavier elements in its core until iron is created. At this point, the stars life has come to an end and collapses in on itself. The star exploded causing a supernova spreading elements throughout the universe.

So What Does Selenium Do For US?

As stated above Selenium is found in every cell of you body and is essential for basic functions of life. It plays roles in immunity, anti-oxidation, thyroid function, and fertility just to name a few.

Lets focus on immunity and anti-oxidation…


Studies have showed that Selenium is responsible for the stimulation of white blood cell and antibody production in your bone marrow. White Blood Cells protect your body by literally “eating” foreign invaders and they even destroy cancer cells! Antibodies are a type of protein that are responsible for destroying pathogens directly, or blocking them from infecting your cells. Selenium also increases white blood cell effectiveness. The soldiers of you immune system fight stronger, last longer, and are free to do their job more effectively thanks to Selenium.


Selenium concentration is directly correlated with the release of the bodies ULTIMATE anti-oxidant known as Glutathione. When Selenium binds to Glutathione it creates an enzyme that helps preserve the inside and outside of every cell in your body. When oxidative stress is reduced, your cells can preform its biological functions more efficiently.

Christian Perspective (Opinion)

Selenium is an essential element responsible for sustaining basic biological functions. Although Selenium is literally found in the ground we walk on, our bodies do not synthesize it on our own.  We need to obtain Selenium from outside natural sources or life as we know it ceases to exist. The Bible tells us that God created us from earth and he promises that he will sustain us.

Selenium Supplement

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