Zinc Spark of Life Supplement Label

Let’s Talk About Zinc

Zinc: From Formation to Supplementation.

What is Zinc

Zinc is the 30th element on the periodic table and is classified as a transition metal. It is the 24th most abundant element found in the earth crust.  Now let’s talk about how it got there….

I’m going to do my best to break this down for you.  The accepted scientific theory states that most of the elemental zinc throughout the universe is created during a spectacular process known as WHITE DRWARF EXPLOSION.  Just think of a white dwarf star is ancient star that “burnt out” a long time ago.  It’s the very dense remains of a dead sun’s core.

When a white dwarf is orbiting a close enough to a “living star” it pulls hydrogen into its core making it almost like a furnace creating elements in its dense core.  Fusion takes its course eventually causing the dwarf to explode spreading its created elements throughout the universe.  At least that’s what astronomers have concluded in a nutshell.

Essential Mineral

Zinc is an essential mineral that is found in cells throughout the body.  Zinc plays a major role in protein synthesis, regulation of DNA production, growth and development, sense of taste and smell, hormone production and regulation, and of course immune support just to name a few.  Our body does not formulate this important mineral and needs to obtain it from quality sources.

How Does Zinc Provide Immune Support?

As stated above Zinc plays major roles throughout the body so, breaking down its main attribute when it comes to immune support is a tough task.

Let’s start with inflammation.

Inflammation is usually a good thing (isolation of pathogens, bringing immune agents/nutrients to infection, etc.) but too much of anything can spiral things out of control.  When Zinc enters a cell, it binds to a specific protein that halts the inflammation cascade.

It is important to remember that viruses are not considered living things because they need to use a host cell to reproduce.  When zinc enters your cells, it blocks the virus’s ability to gain cell entry and can even destroy the viruses protein envelope rendering it defeated.  The only problem is getting zinc into the cell.

Zinc needs an ionophores (think chloroquine) in order to enter a cell to complete its functions.  Natural substitutes, such as quercetin, have shown evidence in completing this task as an over-the-counter substitute.  As always consult you doctor before taking any supplements.

A Christian Perspective

As Christians living during this time in human history many have turned to science over scripture.  Cloning, bioengineering, and technology have hardened the hearts and minds of many.  Science has always confirmed to me, without a doubt, Gods presence in all he created.  Zinc is no different.

Microscopic images have captured the moment a sperm cell meets an egg at the moment of conception.  A spectacular flash is seen as the now fertilized egg releases zinc.  Hence Zinc is known as “The Spark of Life.”

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