Immune Response Redemption

God Given Immune Response Vs Monoclonal Antibodies. God Wins.

My 2 Cents…

Like most people, the talk of Monoclonal Antibodies, Hydroxychloroquine, and Ivermectin comes up very frequently on a daily basis. I want to start off by stating that i am not against anyone obtaining or using these compounds and i personally know around a dozen people personally that have utilized them.

My faith is in Christ not government, media, profit, man, and especially not big Pharma. Remember I’m not a doctor and I am not giving you medical advice…J ust what my family and i believe and implement.

If i don’t have to introduce a synthetic compound into my body to mimic what my God Created Immune System should be doing I don’t.  We all know the importance that natural vitamin and mineral intake plays in proper systematic function throughout the body.  When we take synthetic compounds we create oxidative stress.

Whether its from the compounds metabolites, its pass through the liver, or stress from your body’s elimination of the compound, you may be helping in one area and hurting in another. Think of oxidative stress as exhaust from  a bunch of trucks stuck in traffic. It creates pollution that takes a while to dissipate. You are made from the earth so why not use what God has provided instead of immediately looking outward?

What are Monoclonal Antibodies?

These are antibodies created by taking a single white blood cell and exposing it to a very specific protein so that it produces a specific antibody to the targeted pathogen. these white blood cells are then cloned and administered. These are created in a lab and from animal cell lines. Don’t get me wrong it is very ingenious and it can be highly successful at limiting symptoms and improving recovery time of many infections.

The limitations are when new variants arise there’s a very strong possibility that a new specific antibody will have to be created to specifically target the variant. It almost sounds like getting a booster doesn’t it? You are also introducing a foreign antibody into your body from an animal host. Why not increase your own white blood cell count naturally?

Possible Natural Alternatives.

White blood cells create antibodies and white blood cells are created by your bone marrow. Proper vitamin and mineral intake/absorption is important to keep all metabolic functions working optimal but Selenium in particular has shown direct correlation to increased white blood cell production. You do not need a lot, 200 mcg to increase this production.

Hydroxychloroquine is a very cheap and effective drug used for a very long time but has, all of a sudden, become evil in the eyes of science and increasingly hard to obtain. This drug stops viruses from replicating inside of your cells.  It does this (mainly) by transporting Zinc inside you cell membrane blocking virus entry. Viruses cannot replicate without a host hence why they are not considered living organisms.

Quercetin uses the same action of transporting Zinc into your cell but studies have shown its not as potent on its own.  That’s where one of my favorite movie quotes comes in from Jurassic Park “Life Finds A Way!” When you combine Vitamin C (to activate), Bromelain (for absorption), and ECGC from green tea(to amplify), Quercetin becomes a strong natural alternative to Hydroxychloroquine!

Ivermectin is a strong, safe, and effective anti parasitic drug that is showing increasing antiviral properties in every study. Unfortunately the United States has demonized this award winning drug because promoting it would deem an emergency vaccine unnecessary.

Ivermectin is not as hard to get for now but there is a natural substance that has been around for at least 3000 years that may be a worthy substitute called black cumin seed oil. This natural substance shows anti bacterial, anti viral, anti parasitic, anti cancer, anti asthma, cholesterol, inflammatory, and many more benefits.  other countries (mostly eastern) have used this in correlation with other methods to treat covid successfully according to studies.

In Closing….. God Wins!

Black Cumin Seed Oil Front

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.*

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