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Faith, Science, Health, Service.

Redemption Nutrition is the accumulation of a 20 year life journey spanning from grant funded scientific research to front line EMS Service. We are a family owned and operated American supplement business and hold our Christian morals at the very core of every decision we make.

Redemption Nutrition will always strive to bring our customers the highest quality, honest ingredients, and legitimate formulations at affordable prices. We will only work with Manufactures that share our views and practices. We will never trade profits for quality and will always treat people like family.

We promise that when you buy a product from Redemption Nutrition, they will always be formulated and manufactured in USA registered facilities. God willing, we hope to provide everyone with the absolute best American made health supplements on the market. We only carry products that we use ourselves!

Our Origin Story.

Redemption Nutrition was originally an unorganized operation run out of our basement. Instead of buying cheap, under-dosed, mislabeled products, we sourced the raw material and hand filled capsules for our close family and friends. Due to overwhelming support we decided to look into making our hobby a business. As a husband and wife both working full time jobs it seemed like an impossible task.

Through prayer and 3 different manufacturers we were able formulate products that we are proud to stand by! As always; USA Formulated and all Natural the way our Creator intended!

Christian Patriots